About us

Hi Viewer,
My name is Judia Harini.
I am the founder of Nana Kasih – bead accessories.
The business was exist since 2015 with the purpose to help some house wife at the village to get more income for their living as woman need to help their husband and family.
In fact all of them have incredible talent to do loom beading, do the pattern, and creating something that can make jewelry or accessories designer amuzed.
We have like more than 100 woman who work for us, and we need to keep them working day by day.
I am glad that by the time we grow our collaboration with them more intense more understandable, and more important to make them proffesiional.
They know how pieces and design have to be keep only for our customer, they concern with quality and fast production in one time.
THE GREAT TEAM OF NANA KASIH – BEADS ACCESSORIES, will walk with your business with gentle and care !
Enjoy our fabulous collection !!!

Yours sincerelys,

Judia Harini